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The house of your dreams centro profesional hispano has expended it’s list of services and is now offering Real Estate. We work with some of the best house brokers in the San Fernando Valley. Call us to obtain your list of available properities.
1. Before applying for a home loan, the best advice you can receive is; improve your credit. On today's economy, if you have a less than perfect credit or simply your credit is too new, you pose a greater risk for the banks providing loans. For this reason we advise to work on fixing your credit if you have had any issues in the past or to establish you credit history before applying for a loan and thus making your home buying experience a more favorable one in the financial terms. If you apply for a loan and you have bad credit, you can simply pay a higher interest rate, more loan origination fees, plus other unfavorable terms associated with the risk that your credit history for the financial accounts. If you need help fixing your credit, do not look at one of those companies that promise to clean up your credit in a short time, usually there are few ethical and not helping the prospective buyer. You can contact a nonprofit organization to help you restore your good credit. 2. Save as much as possible before you buy your home If you buy your home with a certified broker or lender then you request for the opportunity to qualify for assistance with closing costs and down payment. However, it is  a good idea to still have a backup saved for unaccounted expenses. Note that when you move, you probably have to buy furniture, tools for home and pay for the upkeep of this expenses, all this issues costs money and if you use your credit card your debt will be much greater. Better plan how much money it cost to purchase the necessities to live comfortably in your new home while shopping for everything you need. On the other hand there is the possibility of an emergency and not having to use credit cards to have his savings. It is advisable to have up to 6 months of savings equivalent to mortgage payments, utilities and food, so in case of emergency, job loss or illness, is not put at stake the security of your home. 3. There are places where to look for grants and assistance programs for buyers that have an acceptable credit, a steady job. However, the problem many are faced with is where to get the money to pay for the cost of buying a new home. There are several places where you can get money: "Among one of them is your closest relatives. The bank accepts that buyers receive money from their parents and siblings to help with expenses. Please note that banks need to see all the way to make money, from leaving a deposit account until it is in yours. "The seller may be helpful to the buyer to be able to offer (depending on loan program) to 6 percent of the total value of the loan closing costs. "Local governments, state and federal can be very useful for first-time buyers because they offer grant programs to influence the purchase of home. If you are unsure of where to find these services in your area, contact us to help you." Community Organizations generally these non-profit organizations offer programs to assist with down payment or mortgage that does not require it. 4. Do not go looking for a home without being pre-approved by a lender checks your credit lender making sure it is in order. After calculating your income will tell you the total amount you can buy a home, but more importantly, it will give you a card that supports its position of pre-approved for a loan which vendors require before accepting an offer.
Keep your finances in order. Ensure you can make your mortgate payments ontime
Get familiarized with your lending company. Find the right lending house and negotiate your loan to ensure you obtain the best intersest rate
If you are informed and know what you are looking for, you will have a better experience as a firtst time buyer
Read about home loans and familiarize yourself with the banking institutions available for your homeloan.
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