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Audits and interviews with IRS Agents ? ¿If you are about to be audited by the IRS? you need help right away, call us The Danger of the IRS Audits At Centro Profesional Hispano, we treat every IRS Audit case as if our customer was walking over egg shells. It is a dangerous and confusing situation and you. During the first interview, the IRS agent will ask you around 54 questions which will sound very innocent and easy to answer. The way you respond those 54 questions will dictate your destine for the rest of your audit. The trick is to be prepared for those questions and be aware of the correct answers to those 54 questions and ensure your answers don’t rise any red flags with the IRS. The great majority of individuals that attend IRS audits without any type of representation, will either be flagged as non-sincere or will talk to much to the point where he or she will incrimnate oneself. If you have raised red flags or have talked too much and provided more information than requested, You will be in trouble When you decide to attend an IRs Audit without any representation, is like a boxer in the middle of a fight with his hands tight with a rope. Don’t make the grave mistake that may alter your life and your financial stability.  It’s not a good idea to self- represent during an IRS Audit. If you have been randomly selected for an IRS Audit, call us now!
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