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Centro Profesional Hispano  We continue to strive for perfection and here is another reason why you should not worry about trusting your beloved taxes to Centro Professional Hispano. We are quality that you can trust!
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Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) is the leading provider of tax refund-related bank products, but our program is not open to all tax professionals. In addition to IRS requirements for tax preparers, our tax professional partners must be qualified to offer our refund-related products by completing a rigorous screening process including compliance training and testing. The TPG Partner badge shows that your tax professional has qualified to offer tax refund-related bank products through TPG. By displaying this badge, your tax professional confirms their commitment to following best practices and adhering to our mandatory compliance standards in order to provide taxpayers with a valuable service and a great customer experience
Is your preffer tax institution a preffered partner with Santa Barbara Tax Products group? Look for the TPG badge on their website
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